Michael Glasby



Michael once said it took him just three years to become an expert in wine, ten more to realize he wasn’t, and then another decade or more to discover the more he knows, the more he knows he doesn’t.

He received his BSc in Economics from the University College London. Enrolling in wine classes In 1987, he made the rounds at auctions, tastings and events and joined the Wine & Spirits Education Trust program, completing their Diploma in 1992. In 1989 he took a job at the pioneering British retail chain, Oddbins, which culminated in opening their first Fine Wine Store.

Moving to California in 1994, to explore production, Michael made wine at Justin Vineyards and at Joseph Swan Vineyards in 1994 and 1995. Fortified with that education he returned to retail. He was in the first class to graduate the UC Davis Winemaking Certificate program in 2006.

While Michael would say he is no expert, chances are he knows more than most.