Domaine Tortochot


Offered JAN 15th, 2017 – subject to availability / remaining unsold.

Tortochot is one of those old Gevrey domaines that always seems to lurk somewhere under the radar despite it’s excellent grand cru and premier cru vineyard holdings. But ‘under the radar’ is good in these days of hyperbolic Burgundy prices. Tortochot has made excellent wines in recent years, just as hey made delicious and satisfying Burgundy in the 70s and 80s. They are exactly the sort of domaine to buy, to beat the hype in a great year like 2015. The more you sock away now, the cleverer you will feel in 10-15 years time when it comes time to pull them out of the cellar. And the ‘little wines might give you the smuggest feeling of all.

Description Price Qty Requested
Tortochot Chambertin 2015 $195
Tortochot Clos Vougeot 2015 $145
Tortochot Mazis Chambertin 2015 $135
Tortochot Charmes Chambertin 2015 $115
Tortochot Gevrey Lavaux St Jacques 2015 $69
Tortochot Gevrey Champeaux 2015 $65
Tortochot Morey St. Denis Aux Charmes 2015 $59
Tortochot Gevrey Chambertin Les Corvees 2015 $42
Tortochot Gevrey Chambertin Les Jeunes Rois 2015 $42
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