Dining With Flynn


Chef de cuisine since the age of thirteen.
At fourteen, started a pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles.

Featured in The New Yorker, New York Times magazine,
The Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine and Vogue.
Named one of Time magazine’s most influential teens.

Trained internationally with culinary masters at Michelin
three-star restaurants: Alinea, Eleven Madison Park,
Geranium and Maaemo.

Now available for your private dining experience

“blooming artichoke” with smoked cod and blooming herbs

grilled asparagus glazed with sorrel and oysters with a grilled citrus dashis

kohlrabi cooked in cheese fat, rye, mustard and nasturtium


Flynn will create a custom eight- or twelve-course
menu specially for you, highlighting exceptional
ingredients and beautiful presentations.

The format will be matched to your ideal
progression and unique to your one-of-a-kind
dining experience.

ocean trout cured in citrus leaves with parsley, anchovy and watercress

sea urchin cured in seawater with carrots and coffee


We offer wine pairings to compliment the menu,
and your private dining experience will also include
access to an extraordinary cellar of mature
vintage fine wines

Our sommeliers will guarantee a seamless experience,
from planning the menu, to preparing the wines and
delivering personal attention throughout your dinner.

A tailored wine experience to meet your interests and guests.

Our sommeliers will recommend perfect pairings for each course, ensuring the correct serving temperatures, decanting times and glassware.

Explore classic fine wines, highlighting special vintages aligned with significant years, as we share stories behind the producers and menu pairings.


eight-course menu, $250
wine pairing, $100

twelve-course menu, $300
wine pairing, $160

wines from our vintage cellar
caviar and white truffles
parting gifts for guests

Please contact us for sample menus, wine pairings and collection